As summertime approaches and the sun shines brighter every day, it’s almost impossible to resist the urge to kick back and relax under those golden rays. However, without diligent preventative sunscreen application, this simple activity can actually take a toll on the brightness and clarity of your skin. 


Have no fear this summer: we have the best kept secret for correcting sun damage without buying countless skin products or going under the knife. Known in the skincare community as “the Ferrari of photofacials,” Lumecca by InMode has become the go-to option for correcting dark spots and skin discoloration as a result of sun damage, aging and acne scarring. 


What is Lumecca

The Lumecca device uses powerful, intensely pulsed light that can treat pigmented and vascular lesions in the skin via photothermolysis, a comfortable yet effective treatment. After just one session, clients will notice immediate improvement and clarity in complexion for applicable areas like the face, neck and decolletage.


With little to no downtime following the sessions, under-the-skin pigmentation will darken and rise to the top of the skin like coffee grounds for a week following the light therapy, ultimately revealing and revitalizing the skin’s brightness. Patients can also expect slightly red and swollen skin that will subside within 24 hours. Wearing makeup, regular exercise and daily activities can resume after just one day post-treatment! 

Benefits of Lumecca

  • Treats age spots
  • Reduces vascular lesions such as spider veins
  • Assists in healing rosacea
  • Aids in freckle reduction
  • Repairs sun damage spots
  • Heals acne scarring


Take control of your dark spots and discoloration with this one-of-a-kind service. Schedule your consultation via text at 704-526-9321 to see if this service is right for you.

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