Dermal FIllers
Non-invasive, pain-free dermal fillers are gel-like substances that effortlessly restore lost volume in thinning facial skin, plump and enhance lip definition, and smooth wrinkles and lines around the nose, mouth and eyes. The injected gel is a hyaluronic acid—a naturally-occurring substance in the human body—making fillers one of the safest and most effective treatments
Dermal Filler Correction

As licensed, and more importantly, trained aesthetic professionals, it is our job and passion to help patients feel confident, youthful, and beautiful in their own skin. So when we meet patients who have been injected incorrectly from other professionals—either with misplaced or overfilled with dermal filler—we want nothing more than to help. Thankfully, filler correction can be done as a relatively simple and pain-free process for our patients who wish to obtain a more natural look. Our trained injectors are able to first dissolve any hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane, the two most common fillers. Following a waiting period of two weeks we are able to re-inject the filler in the correct areas for the natural, youthful look you always wanted. This also works for filler that has migrated from its original injection location. If you feel that your previously placed dermal filler is not looking it’s best or are not happy with your results please don’t hesitate to reach out to our compassionate and experienced team for the correction and end-result you were truly looking for. As always, our goal is to help you shine in the skin you’re in.

Neuromodulators block nerve signals that cause contractions, relaxing the facial muscles, causing wrinkles to soften, most commonly for lines around the forehead and eyes. With a variety of neuromodulators to choose from, a consultation with our team will help to determine the ideal option for your skincare goals.
PDO Threads
Vastly different from other treatments available, PDO threads utilize fine, absorbable threads (thinner than a strand of hair) that suture sagging skin tissue into place. Following the superficial implantation of these threads, the skin reacts to the micro-injuries stimulating collagen production and tissue contraction for a non-invasive lift and skin tightening without a trace of the dissolved threads. As one of the leading trainers in the country for PDO threads, owner Kristin, is revolutionizing the way men and women treat sagging skin—specifically around their neck and jawline.
Kybella is an exciting non-invasive and minimally painless treatment that successfully eliminates the fat beneath your chin—commonly referred to as a “double chin”—resulting in a more defined and smooth jawline. Kybella is the first and only FDA-approved contouring treatment proven to work, without long recovery times. As an advanced treatment technique Kybella can be performed on the the body to remove stubborn fat pockets (ex: bra fat, back fat).
PRF Injections
Safely utilizing your own white blood cells, stem cells and proteins through a simple blood draw, PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin) injections accelerate and enhance the body’s ability to produce collagen and heal. 100% natural and pain-free, PRF injections help to restore volume, tighten skin, and are even used to help treat tendon or joint injuries thanks to their incredibly effective healing benefits. For clients opposed to other fillers or treatments with synthetic ingredients, PRF injections are the way to go. PRF can also be combined with dermal filler for longer lasting and enhanced results.
Cortisone Injections
As one of the leading options for treating cystic acne, cortisone injections are proven to help eliminate breakouts exponentially faster than normal healing times, reducing inflammation, pain and swelling. Additionally, injections can help improve the appearance of keloid scarring, drastically reducing the size and color over time.
Unlike other fillers that yield immediate results, biostimulators increase collagen production throughout a series of treatments, gradually replacing lost volume and smoothing wrinkles for natural-looking results. It’s the ideal treatment for women who want to counteract the signs of aging discreetly and safely.
Nonsurgical Sculptra or Hyperdilute Radiesse Gluteal Enhancement
Looking to plump or lift your buttocks without actually going under the knife? Sculptra Gluteal Enhancements utilize the same slow and steady collagen production as for the skin, resulting in a stunning, yet subtle, improvement to the shape and definition of the buttocks—without surgery, pain or recovery time.


Underarm Brightening and Detox Facial

Though not as visible as other parts of the body at times, the underarms still serve a critical role protecting important lymph nodes and sensitive sweat glands. Despite being cleansed on a regular basis, the underarm skin is just as likely to produce build-up from soaps, deodorant, and occasional bacteria which—when combined with frequent shaving—can cause bumpy, irritated, or discolored skin. Treat your underarms with a little extra love with the Underarm Facial which combines a relaxing exfoliating scrub and detoxifying acid peel to even out skin tone and texture. During this quick and pain free treatment, we’ll also remove any ingrown hairs—which will prevent any bacteria build-up or tender infection. Get flawless, fresh underarms in only 15 minutes.

Back Facial

Ideal for candidates with frequent and often embarrassing back acne, Back Facials are beneficial treatments that can reduce pore sizes and irritation, cleanse and soothe the skin, and improve dry or oily skin as necessary. During this 90- minute long treatment, you will enjoy a steaming, cleansing, and exfoliating session, followed by pore extraction and gentle massage before finishing with a nutrient-rich mask to moisturize the skin. Recommended 4x a year, a Back Facial helps minimize sun damage and dry skin, while reducing breakouts and irritation.

Plumped Signature Facial
Following an assessment of your skin, our Plumped Signature Facial is customized to each patient’s specific skincare needs and goals. Complete with customized nutrient-rich serums and techniques, including pore extraction and facial massage, our Plumped Facial reverses the effects and signs of premature aging, sun damage, acne, and unbalanced or dulling complexions.
Plasma Pen
As one of the newest non-surgical cosmetic treatments in our industry, the Plasma Pen effortlessly lifts, tightens and resurfaces the facial skin, while stimulating collagen-production, ideal for sagging skin, wrinkles and deep folds around the eyelids, nasal folds, and forehead lines. Can also be performed on loose, crepey skin anywhere on the body.
Skin Wave
Experience the glowing benefits of the exciting water-based treatment, the SkinWave Facial. By gently exfoliating, hydrating and resurfacing your skin with powerful hydrogen-enriched solutions, a SkinWave facial is an ideal solution for those seeking a brighter, smoother, and visibly hydrated complexion.

Have a big day on the horizon? If so, you deserve the red carpet treatment! Treat yourself to the only skin and face service guaranteed to give you a same-day glow and instant face lift for whatever event you’re celebrating. First, we’ll start with our SkinWave facial and dermaplaning treatments to exfoliate dead skin and hair, cleanse and nourish your fresh fuzz-free skin with nutrient-rich serums, and brighten your complexion. 

Next, our specialists will use Forma from InMode to firm and lift your face. With this safe and pain-free treatment, Forma uses heat and radiofrequency to stimulate natural regrowth of collagen and elastin. The result? A natural but noticeable facial lift and sculpt, elasticity, and skin texture improvement. The Red Carpet Facial is ideal for men and women of all ages and skin types and can be done as soon as the day prior to an event! Patients should allocate approximately 2 hours to fully enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience. While results will be immediate—and even just one session will last up to 4-6 weeks—we recommend follow up maintenance treatments to truly get results that can last up to 4 years. From weddings to anniversaries and vacations to corporate events, if there’s a big event that you want to look vibrant and youthful for, the Red Carpet Facial is the undeniable choice!

DMK Enzyme
Dermaplaning with Enzyme Treatment
Safely and painlessly exfoliating the outermost layer of facial skin, dermaplaning is a chemical-free treatment that eliminates dead skin cells, facial hair, and reduces the appearance of acne scars. Followed by our proprietary enzyme treatment, clients of all skin types enjoy smooth to the touch, brighter skin for months.
*Add Dermaplaning to Any Facial. Dermaplaning can also be done prior to custom chemical peel ONLY.


AlphaRet Peel

Want the same skin-brightening, youthfully toned benefits of a traditional chemical peel but none of the downtime healing at home for 2+ weeks? Of course you do! While traditional chemical peels are ideal for those in need of a deeper peel and restoration, the innovative 3-step AlphaRet Peel system gives patients naturally glowing results, while still able to maintain the pace of their busy lives. With the final touches of a dermaplane treatment to remove the top layer of skin—including wrinkles and minor acne visibility—this 30-minute service leaves patients with smooth, rejuvenated skin that is noticeably more even in tone and texture. Consider this the perfect treatment for the on-the-go patient ready for beautifully bright skin without ever skipping a beat!

Cosmelan Peel
Ideal for clients with moderate to severe skin pigmentation issues, a Cosmelan Peel works to eliminate or drastically reduce dark sun spots, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and melasma by regulating the production of melanin in the skin. With zero prep work at home and the simplicity of a mud-like mask treatment, clients love the balanced, even skin tone and texture they experience following a Cosmelan Peel.
VI Peel
Highly sought-after for its ability to treat acne and acne scarring, a VI Peel is also an excellent choice for softening fine lines, improving skin tone, and stimulating collagen and elastin for tighter, smoother skin. We offer multiple types of VI peels depending on the skin concern.



This is where microneedling and radiofrequency meet—for results you’ve only ever dreamed of until now. The Morpheus8 is a non-invasive anti-aging treatment with a simple handheld device that utilizes tiny needles and heat therapy to simultaneously resurface the top layer of the skin, while targeting the deepest layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production and healing. Available for the face and body, the Morpheus8 helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, minimize scars, and tighten the skin. Additionally, because the Morpheus8 has the ability to penetrate at different depths, microneedling can be used to target and disrupt fat cells, resulting in the reduction of stubborn fat under the skin for a smoother overall look.

Looking for a minimally-invasive skincare solution to reduce the look of scars and fine wrinkles, minimize pore size, or even encourage new hair growth? Microneedling is likely the popular skin treatment you never knew you needed—but one session and you’ll fall in love with the results. Suitable for all skin types, microneedling utilizes sterile micro needles to create invisible perforations in the skin at various levels, instantly stimulating the body to begin repairing with collagen production, resulting in skin rejuvenation from the inside out.
Ultimate Glow Facial

As one of only a handful aesthetic boutiques in the country offering this transformational facial, we are proud to be on the forefront of revolutionary skin treatments with the addition of the Ultimate Glow Facial, now available at Plumped. Utilizing our non-invasive and pain-free Skin Pen, our team of highly-skilled estheticians gently microneedle in a unique serum of PRF, hyaluronic acid dermal filler, and neurotoxin. Through this one-of-a-kind service, this next-level microneedling technique rapidly works to produce an abundance of collagen and elastin, while the powerful serum combination delivers anti-aging effects that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Rather than going deep, the micro channels created by the Skin Pen allow this age-defying serum to get to work immediately on the skin and just beneath the surface. The results? Diminished pore sizes, decreased sebum production, tightened skin, and the reduction of fine lines and acne scarring, for an instantly more youthful appearance. The Ultimate Glow Facial—which treats your entire face, neck, and décolletage—delivers beautiful results that last for up to 12 weeks.

While microneedling is incredibly effective on its own, clients see enhanced results when combined with one of our complementary skincare treatments.

Consider adding one of the following….

For clients interested in improving skin tone and texture, combining PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) is a unique opportunity to use your own body’s healing properties to enhance the microneedling process. Through a simple blood sample, your nutrient-rich PRF serum will be ready for topical application following your microneedling treatment. Instantly promoting cellular regeneration, microneedling with PRF essentially turns back time, often considered the most effective, non-invasive skin lift and tightening treatment available.
VI Peel
AnteAGE Exosomes
DMK Enzyme Therapy
CO2 Lift Pro Carboxy Therapy Mask

Acne Consultations

Acne Consultations
Acne is a common skin condition that affects men and women of all ages on the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders. Following a comprehensive consultation, our team can help you to identify common acne triggers including hormones, stress, skin type, and diet—and provide a lifestyle plan and/ or prescription medication to address and eliminate your acne. Whether you’re suffering from a sudden outbreak or ongoing issues with acne, our team will customize a treatment plan just for you and your specific skin goals.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Empower from inmode

Ladies rejoice—there’s a new treatment in town and it’s going to revolutionize your “down there self-care”. From hormones to aging and childbirth to injury, there are a number of reasons women begin to experience uncomfortable issues, thinning or sagging skin, and looser vaginal walls. Whether due to trauma or time, these lead many women to deal with decreased sensation, painful sex, vaginal dryness or itching, and urinary incontinence—typically issues that require unpleasant creams or surgery to fix. Until Empower From InMode came along to fix it all!

For the first time ever, we are proud to offer a non-surgical treatment with minimal downtime to help naturally restore and rejuvenate the vagina and labia by stimulating the body’s own healing process. With three pain-free non-invasive handheld devices, Empower combines the power of Morpheus 8V, V Tone and Forma V for faster, tighter results inside and outside the vagina. Delivered through radio frequency energy in as few as 1-3 visits, this treatment works from the inside out to stimulate the body’s production of collagen and elastin, healing and strengthening the vaginal walls for a firm, youthful, and more enjoyable look and feel. With results lasting 18 months or longer, this treatment is safe for all skin tones and will help empower you to feel more confident, improve sexual desire, and increase enjoyment and comfort in intimate moments.

Body Sculpting


Want to enhance the overall tone and sculpted look of your muscles? Tone by InMode is a pain-free handheld device that delivers electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions to tighten and sculpt your abs, glutes, and arms with no downtime or surgery. Perfect for men and women who already have a moderately active lifestyle, this treatment typically lasts 30 minutes with patients seeing strengthening, firming, and toning results after approximately 6 weeks. 

Come Reawaken Your Natural Beauty One Non-Invasive Skincare Treatment at a Time.

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