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Morpheus8 is a unique tissue remodeling device that uses radio frequency technology to reshape, tighten skin, and promote collagen production through coagulation and volumetric directional heating. The Morpheus8 device uses tiny micro needles that penetrate the surface layers of the skin while emitting heat into the sub-dermal layer. The radio frequencies create a controlled level of heat that cause the skin’s healthy building blocks (collagen and elastin) to rebuild and renew themselves, leading to a natural anti-aging process that improves complexion, smooths texture, tightens loose skin, and leaves patients with skin that looks taught and youthful. The needles initiate a process of collagen remodeling, which rebuilds and firms your skin on every area treated. Because Morpheus8 also delivers radio frequency energy through the needles as they create the microwounds, it can melt fat to contour areas of the body as it accelerates the production of collagen and elastin. Morpheus8 is a great alternative for those that do not want to have lasers or intensive surgical procedures.

The following areas are most commonly targeted during Morpheus8 treatments:

  • under eye bags and skin laxity
  • cheeks
  • neck
  • nasolabial folds
  • frown lines
  • jowls

Other parts of the body where Morpheus8 treatments have been effective are:

  • arms
  • knees
  • abdomen

If you’re looking to make a change in any of these areas, targeting sagging skin and improving your aesthetic appearance, Morpheus8 at Plumped may be the solution for you!

The Morpheus8 Procedure

During a Morpheus8 treatment, handpieces with fractional tips and microneedle configurations are used. The treatment area, whether it be on the face or the body, determines any variations in the device’s configuration.

Before the Morpheus8 procedure your provider will utilize a topical numbing cream on the area to be treated to help with discomfort. No anesthesia is necessary.

Radio frequency energy is then delivered by the handpiece into multiple depths within the subdermal layer of the skin in intervals that only last a few milliseconds each. The process is quick and safe for all skin types.

Post Procedure

Patients can resume normal activity immediately following the Morpheus8 procedure at  Plumped. At worst you may experience some swelling, redness and bruising, but this is easily controlled through the use of an ice pack. 

After a Morpheus8 procedure on the face, clients may also notice that they experience tightness and mild dryness in their treatment area which resolves within several days.

Results and Expectations

With Morpheus8, results are experienced immediately and also gradually. Upon completion of a Morpheus8 procedure, you should be able to recognize an immediate improvement to the treatment area. As time passes, collagen in the skin will continue to tighten the treatment area and give way to more significant results. 

In general, final results will be evident after approximately 6 weeks from your Morpheus8 procedure at Plumped. The appearance of the treatment area should be visibly tighter and more youthful, and may even include an improvement in skin complexion. 

Once results are analyzed, an expert may recommend additional treatments if that is necessary to align with patient goals.


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